Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goals! Goals! Goals!

I am preparing to give a speech on goals to a great group of teenage girls . For about a week, I did research but was still uncertain about what to say until I came across a great article by Forbeswoman. The article is entitled, "15 Ways to Tell If You're on the Right Path." The article asked some honest questions.

1. I get excited every morning when I get out of bed.
2. I feel accomplished when I fall asleep.
3. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

Many of the teenage girls, have real struggles that most 30 year old women will never have to face. Besides living as teenagers they have moms and dads on drugs and most are single mothers. I think that answering "Yes" or "no" to the questions asked in the Forbeswomen will assist them in finding a true purpose in life. I personally believe that our passion for life is linked to our goals in life. Find me someone who has no passion for life and you will also find that they have no goals. Having goals gives us a reason to wake up every morning and a reason to follow a dream that seems impossible.

In preparing for this speech I want to be transparent but also encouraging. Discussing with these girls, the inaccuracies of reality TV and what it takes to accomplish goals will be my main focus. I plan to start a vision board with them during my presentation and find out more about hidden dreams and talents. I will keep you updated on the outcome of my presentation.

What are some of your tips for reaching goals? I look forward to reading them.

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