Tuesday, May 8, 2012

They said you will never make it but you proved them wrong: Jermaine Paul!

Congrats Jermaine Paul! You Did It!!!!!!

As I watched The Voice, it was so easy to see why so many people do not make it in music. There is so much talent and subjectivity in music that people like Jermaine Paul sometimes find it hard to succeed in the music business. Hulk Hogan said it best when he was the co-host on The Wendy Williams show. He stated that the music business is one of the hardest businesses to pursue. Living close to the Nashville area I can attest to that. Almost every server at my regular dining spots is struggling to make it in music.

To help all upcoming and struggling artist I revisited a blog I read a few years ago to remind us all that there are different ways to succeed in the music industry. The blog written by Bob Baker stated, "Whether your passion is being an onstage performer, an offstage support player or both, you will find literally dozens and dozens of honest, down-to-earth, cash-producing possibilities by putting to use your most valuable instrument—the one that lies between your ears: your own brain." It also goes on to provide great Musical Wealth Rules.

#1. You Are What You Think.
#2  You Get What You Want When You Help Other People Get What They Want.
#3  Develop an Attitude That Allows You to Make Money and Have Fun While Doing It.

To read the entire blog post visit here.

Remember success is defined by you not by everyone else!

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