Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Single Ladies not Quite a Hit in my House

I started to count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds as the season premier of “Single Ladies” drew near. I enjoyed the relationship struggles each woman faced, along with their business endeavors and personal sense of style. From the opening scene to the last second of the season premier, I was somewhat confused, a little disappointed and upset over the lost of Stacey Dash and the sex-crazed intern (I cannot remember her name). Thank God Omar is still on the show because if he wasn’t, I would not be watching this season.

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The show started out with dancing, and then in an effort to keep Stacey’s character alive, both Lisa Raye’s and Charity Shea’s character started dancing with Stacey (Val’s) ex-lover asking him to give her another chance. At that point, the new addition to the show, Raquel, found her soon to be husband in bed with another woman. At that point the camera switched from one scene to another with climatic and dramatic music, but those scenes did not work for me for some odd reason. I don’t know if it was Raquel crying in front of the hotel room instead of confronting her beau or the odd dance number that LisaRaye was attempting to perfect.

Another blogger, GirlTD, received some great comments about the first episode and one person commented that they thought” the premiere was choppy. Instead of seamless transitions I felt like my head bobbed from one scene to the next.” Which are my thoughts exactly!  This led me to read more about the disappearance of Stacey’s character and a blog by Rodney Ho provided comments from the shows writer, Stacey Littlejohn who said that she spent a day mourning after finding out that Stacey will not be returning to the show. Now I know why she mourned, because the season premier proved it was challenging to write a script that showed the death of Stacey’s character while trying to introduce Raquel.

In sum, I will give this series another try next Monday at 9p.m. on VH1. Omar along with the other men involved is one reason to keep us all watching for another week!

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