Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Daylight Saving Time Should Signify Time Management Changes in your life

Each year the time change reminds me that I need to follow up on my resolutions for the year.  One of my resolutions for 2012 involves improving my time management skills on social networks.  Some weeks I may post an update each day and other weeks I only post once. We all know that networking should occur on a daily basis not just once a week. Do you ever wonder how other working moms and busy women stay connected? They do it by working smarter not harder. The tips in this blog will give you an insight into the lives of women who network while saving time in a much smarter and faster way.

Why another blog on time management?

Francis Wade stated in a 2011 article, “adopting new habits are required in order to handle a new volume of time demands.” Have you adopted new habits yet? Then this is the reason why I wrote this short blog. Until we take the time to incorporate different time management ideas, we will never be more productive in 2012. I reached out to three successful women that I admire to find out their social networking secrets. Below you will find the practical and simple secrets to gain more time in your day, while staying ahead of the game in your field. 

3 Tips You MUST Use NOW:

Manage your social media time! Set specific times during the course of the day to 'check' in- Kim Garst-Forbes top 50 Social Media Influencers

For Twitter, I use the lists feature. Not all tweets are created equal. Lists help me organize and help to ensure that I don't miss tweets. Grace, Tradeshow/Events Planner.

Chrometa quietly runs in the background and shows me how every minute of my time on the computer is spent. Kim Jones, Christian Writer

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