Friday, March 16, 2012

New Reality Show confirms that Mary Mary Sold out

Let me start of this blog by saying I have been a fan of Mary Mary since the song "Shackles" was released. I continued buying, downloading, and sharing their music over the years as they grew in popularity. Earning 2 American Music Awards, The Golden Note Award, Numerous BET Awards, Dove Awards, Grammy Awards and the list goes on and on, proves that these talented sisters continue to make moves in the music industry. My favorite song to date, "It’s the God in Me," is one of the songs I work out to weekly. I love watching "Gospel Best," and Tina's matter-of-fact attitude is so intriguing to me. These sisters have changed the way many critics view Christianity but have they gone too far?

While watching The Braxton Family Values, I saw a promo for the Mary Mary reality show and I was instantly conflicted. "Why are they doing a reality show?" "What are they trying to Prove?" According to, the show will give viewers and fans an inside look at how busy moms Erica and Tina Campbell balance family life with stardom. Really! Who cares do you? How will this reality show lead more people to Chris? I must admit that reality shows like The Braxton Family Values and occasionally The Housewives of Atlanta are captivating. Drama, confusion, and alcohol are the driving force in each of these shows so what will Mary Mary use to keep viewers coming back for more? I guess we will have to see when it premiers on Thursday, March 29. What are your views, do you think they sold out?

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