Friday, April 13, 2012

Ask 3 Questions before saying "YES"

I had a great time speaking to several young moms about the importance of saying "NO!" Almost each mom who was present, had a full-time job or attended school full time. Although each had 24 hours in a day, they needed help on deciding what to do with each hour of the day. Most of the moms who attended the presentation are interested in finding time to make more money. To accomplish these dreams, each mom had to set some goals by the end of the presentation. After taking the time to listen to each young woman's goals, I quoted what Jennifer Derrick of, stated in one of her posts. She stated, "wasted time is time spent doing something that isn’t important to me or fails to move me forward." I then discussed 3 questions we should all ask ourselves before saying "YES"

Before saying "YES," ask:

a. Do I have extra time to do this?

b. Does It take away from my family?

c. Does saying “yes,” fall in line with my goals?

If we all take the time to ask these questions, our 24 hours a day would be more focused and productive.

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