Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 Secrets that can help you complete house chores in 10 minutes a day!

This blog is in conjunction with Teach me Tuesdays and Thursdays Homemaker’s Challenge. I never thought anything about my cleaning style until one of my friends stated, "I am just getting started and you are already ahead before 8 a.m., how do you do it?" I told her 2 secrets to accomplishing chores within 10- 15 minutes each night.
1.  When everyone goes to sleep (including my sweet husband), I spend a few minutes cleaning the bathrooms and picking up toys. Doing this allows me to wake up to a cleaner home and not feel overwhelmed.

2.  In regards to the dishes, we use disposable plastic plates and I eat a smaller portion during dinner time so that I can start cleaning the kitchen while everyone is eating dessert (this is also a good way to watch my calories)!

I hope these tips will help a mom out there struggling to find more time in a day!

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