Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blog Pick Wednesday: Choosing our relationships

I love blog pick Wednesdays because I get to highlight another blogger like Wendy at Encourage One Another. Her blog talked about the importance of choosing the right relationships and friendships. I will be the first to admit that my track record in that arena has not been good. For some reason I continue to choose friends who are stagnant or driven by selfishness. Wendy's post provided us with the 2 types of people described in Psalm 1: The righteous person and the Unrighteous person.

She provided 6 key points on the righteous person:

  • They love God's word
  • They are humble
  • Remains constant during trials
  • Produces spiritual fruit
  • Prospers in their ways
  • Have God's righteous and protective eye on them
She provided 5 key points on the unrighteous person:
  • They encourage others in evil matters
  • The ungodly is very idle
  • Speech is motivated by self pride
  • Unstable in all their ways
  • God laughs at the foolishness of the ungodly
Are you righteous (Godly) or unrighteous (ungodly)? This list will give you a great indication of where you are. To read the entire post please visit Wendy at Encourage One Another.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Delora - thank you so much for featuring my post on you blog. I so appreciate this.

    When it comes to relationships, I think we have all chosen wrong relationships at some point in our lives. I certainly have and sometimes I have to re-learn my mistakes!

    Hopefully this Psalm and study break down will help keep us on the right track.

    Hope you have a great week.

    1. Thank you for allowing me to share your great post Wendy! Have a great rest of the week also!

  2. Meant to write "have to re-learn from my mistakes" in my first comment!!!!!

  3. Excellent! I pushed the music button--I sure changed when God came into my life, too!

  4. Welcome to the NOBH and thank you for posting, what great tips for picking the correct person to bring closer to your life:)