Sunday, April 21, 2013

Secret Life of Christian Women: I have an “Extra-Active Kid” and feel alone!

Hi Linkup Friends!

I am a proud mother of a three-year old son (pic on the left) who sleeps no more than 7 hours a night and has to be entertained every second of the day. I must admit that some days I wish he was a different kid.

 Do you sometimes feel the same way about your life as a mom and wife?  Do you think that God was unfair when he gave you a busy child, little help from family members and limited time to pursue your dreams and passions? Well know this, Jeremiah 29:11, talks about God’s plans for us and Psalms 139 talks about God knitting us together in our mother's womb. This means he knew where our lives would end up. We are equipped to deal with “extra-active kids!” So instead of focusing on what you can’t do or where you can’t go, here are some tips to help you and me capitalize on where we are in life.     The RIGHT NOW!

  1. Be REALISTIC! What is your best time of the day?
Just because other moms stay up late and wake up early does not mean you must do the same thing. Afternoons may be a better time for you to complete house chores (while your kid is napping or watching their favorite cartoon). It is okay to be different. Don’t compare yourself to other moms because they do not have an “extra-active kid.”

  1. Plan Ahead: Add Extra Time

Add an extra 15-25 minutes to anything you decide to do out of the home. For example: doctor’s appointments or grocery shopping. This will help you to stress less about getting out of the store in 30 minutes (which is unrealistic most of the time when “extra-active kids” are present), or seeing the doctor 40 minutes later than planned (after sitting in the waiting room for 35 minutes).

  1. You know your child so do what works for them
I receive invites and evites from other moms to accompany them to the zoo or an afternoon movie, which is considerate but I know my child. My 3 year old only tolerates the zoo for so long and watching a movie for more than 30 minutes is not his thing. Since I know this, I politely decline every time. Having an “extra-active kid,” means avoiding activities that will get you more upset and agitated.

I hope this helps someone enjoy life and stop comparing and stressing over having an “extra-active kid.”  Please share any other tips or leave any feedbacks you may have. I look forward to connecting.


  1. Wise advice from someone who's been there! God created us as individuals, so our life is not going to look just like anyone else's. Thanks for the reminder, and for visiting me at True Hope and a Future!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lisa! I look forward to keeping in touch

  3. Helpful tips, Delora. I understand what you mean by having to decline invitations, because you know how much your boy can handle. God will use these "extra-active" boys to do extraordinary things for Him. God bless you!

    Sheena @ An Imperfect Life (

  4. Thanks for mentioning "extra-active" boys doing extraordinary things for God. Have a great day Sheena!

  5. I can think of several friends off the top of my head with children similar to yours. So active they make me tired just being in their presence for 10 minutes. The cutest kids EVER...and also the most active. What you've identified so many can relate to and the advice you give is so valuable.

    I found your site through the Happy Wives Club link up!

  6. What a blessing and encouragement you are to other mom's out there today who are in the trenches! You are very wise, my friend!

    I remember when my son was little. He never really played with toys until he was about three years old. Instead he pretty much chose to try and kill, maim and destroy our home, lol!

    His curiosity led him to break a t.v., two lamps and a vcr (see how I'm dating us here, lol!) before he was two. He followed the dog around pouring juice and milk on her back. He got into the flour canister and poured it all over the carpet. He did the same with glitter.

    I hid the paint, glue, scissors and anything else I could find.

    I really did watch him, I did. But sometimes I had to go to the bathroom! O.o

    He was such a busy, active toddler that my mom insisted I film "a day in the life" because she said people wouldn't believe me, lol!

    He just couldn't sit still and I swear he lived his first 5-7 years just lying and rolling around on the floor, lol! He was always "falling" out of any chair he sat in because it was much more fun than sitting quietly.

    He was go, go, go and he wore me out. I used to wonder if he had ADHD but doctors said he was just a busy boy!

    He is now 20 years old. He is still busy. He goes to college during the day and works part-time at night and on weekends. He also works with the kids in our church and he loves to act in our local theater.

    He LOVES sports, whether it's playing it or watching it.

    But he has finally settled down. Now that he's older he can finally sit through a movie or a play, lol! But it took a few years. His brother could sit through a movie at age three but not him.

    Every child is different and you have to know what works best for your child, as you said.

    Well, I seem to be writing a book her so I will quit! Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today! :)

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a response. I love linking up!

      Have a great weekend!