Monday, September 9, 2013

The War on Women- Competition

As I walked out of church today and headed for my car, I saw two (2) ladies standing by my car having a conversation. As I held my toddler's hand tightly and got closer to my car, I heard one lady say, “Yes she said I hurt her feelings and I don’t know what she is talking about because I did not hurt her feelings.” I could tell the sound of my car keys startled them. The ladies then awkwardly smiled and walked away whispering to each other.  

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 As I drove home today all I could do was think about the third party (the other woman) who was not around but being talked about by two other women. I must admit, that I was once the lady who made myself look good by talking about other Christian women who were trying to find their way as moms, wives and Godly women. These were women hurt by molestation, abortions or a broken home. I used their stories as arsenal when needed (don’t act surprise, some of you once did This is why I felt the need to be honest and start a mini-series on “The War on Women.”

The bits and pieces of the conversation I heard the two women discussing after church, all comes down to competition. One woman wanted to get her story heard fully before the other had a chance to defend herself. Competition is not always a bad thing because it pushes us to do better but unhealthy competition is not of God. After overhearing the conversation, I thought about the story in the Bible of Leah and her sister Rebecca who struggled to have kids (Genesis 29-30)? I think they felt, if one was able to have more kids they would be more accepted and love.  The competition continued to get more fierce as maid servants were force to sleep with Jacob.

 The story seems so far-fetched from our 21st Century lives but have you ever been around some women who must have what the other woman has? New vehicle, marriage and house? Lately, I have been seeing a lot more women in the same circles getting pregnant all around the same time. The more we spend time competing the less time we have to do God's work here on this earth. In Genesis 4:7 NIV, it states, "If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.” Today let's rule over competition and encourage other women through our actions and words.

Two Ways to Rule Over Competition:

1. We do NOT know the full story:

 If a friend just bought a new house we may not know that an inheritance provided the money for the house. Additionally, if a friend a woman you know at church is having a child, we may not know about a miscarriage or how long it took for them to get pregnant.

2. God's plan for our lives is different:

 Some moms are called to stay at home full time, others part-time and some moms feel call to work outside the home. The great thing about God is that he can use as all in the different seasons of our lives.

Let us end with a prayer for each other:

God we come to you right now about that sister that hurt us, or about our iniquities toward other women. We ask for your forgiveness and ask you to use us as vessels to lead other women back to the only true source, YOU. Competition, selfishness and being vindictive are all from the devil and NOT from YOU! We ask for your guidance as we live out the fruits of the spirit in our daily lives. We love you Lord, in Jesus name Amen!

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